Friday, January 25, 2008

Stupidity Exposed by Word

Hi. Paul here with my rant of the day; well, at least the moment.

With spell check embedded in virtually every application today, even a document done by a dunderhead dazzles on occasion. The problem comes when the scuff marks still show through even after applying shine to that sneaker. Stupidity can be drowned out, but like the off-key soprano in a kids Christmas concert, it will eventually come out and cause discomfort. Not for the offender, but for those in the audience whose aural palette can appreciate a decent C sharp.

Here at 17, I was recently copied on an email where the sender inquired if the recipient wanted to “spear head” something. If you’re going to use an insipid cliché, it makes sense to learn the value of a compound word. It almost makes me want to beat myself senseless with a base ball bat. If you didn’t get the irony of that sentence, your not paying attention.

Why are we ‘spear heading’ something to begin with? If it’s necessary to speak in mindless business banter, couldn’t we at least take the lead and get creative?

On an unrelated note, why does food seem to taste better in Chicago than in any other American city?

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